Monday, December 3, 2007

Roy Leh Sanae Rai

Summary ~

Kemsamarat, who is Kongpope's dad, found out that he has lung cancer and will die shortly. Before he does he wants to make reminisce with Jakkrapot's family. Kemsamarat once owned a big business with Jakkrapot but then he betrayed Jakkrapot and took all of the business. Jakkrapot then dies because of this. So Kemsamarat, knowing that he's going to die, wants to make up for his wrong doings to Jakkrapot's wife and daughter Namnueng (Piyada). But Anong (Jakkrapot's wife) wouldn't forgive him and she just wants her husband back, which is impossible. Kemsamarat felt guiltier then before. Since, Anong refused to accept any money from him, he changed his will and gave 500 million bahts to Numnueng, the only child of his friend.

Kongpope returns home from America only to find out that his late father had left half a million baht to a girl whom he had never met. Kongpope told his friend, Tin, not to tell anyone about the will. Kongpope lied to Tin and his father that he'd tell her himself. Tin and his father believed him and didn't tell anyone. Kongpope plans to get all of his money back, so he decides to trick Namneung into falling in love with him. Kongpope uses every technique he had to make her fall in love with him. As it turned out, Namneung is not like most of the girls he had encountered in his life. She didn't give into him easily. She suspects what a hi-class man would want with a normal, hairstylist like her. Namneung's mom doesn't like Kongpope one bit. She suspects that he is not being truthful to Namneung and warns Namneung to stay away from him.

Time passes, and eventually Namneung falls for Kongpope like he had hoped. He took this chance and asks for her hand in marriage. She was reluctant at first because they are obviously moving too fast. But all that mattered is that Namneung is in love with Kongpope, so she agreed. Namneung however doesn't know Kongpope is using her for her inheritance. Kongpope's aunt found out that Kongpope is merely using Namneung for the inheritance and was really happy even though, she wanted Kongpope to marry Pornfah.

At the wedding, everything seemed perfect. Namneung was happy that her mother came and thought that everything would be great from now on. She was wrong. On the day of their marriage, Namneung was brought up to the top floor of the hotel to sign some papers. It is the paper that gives Kongpope the right to control all of her money. She signed it, to prove that she really does love Kongpope and doesn't care about the money. By this time, Namneung's mom and her friends had already found out the truth about Kongpope's true intention. They rushed to warn Namneung, but too late. The deed was done. The truth came out that Kongpope was really just using Namneung. Feeling crushed and betrayed by her love, Namneung all in tears, told Kongpope that she doesn't want him to bother her again. She asked what his heart is made of and why is it so cold. Kongpope tried to explain himself, but Namneung and everyone else wouldn't listen to him. Namneung then ran off. At this point, Kongpope realizes that he is in love with Namneung for real.

The next day, Namneung became a total different person. She told herself not to be weak and not to trust anyone easily. She went to Kongpope's house, along with Tin and his father, to file for divorce. Namneung had 3 requests for Kongpope: One, to forget about the papers that she had signed. Two, give her back her half million baht. Finally, three, the last request is for a divorce. Kongpope was shocked that Namneung wanted a divorce. He agreed to the first two, but refused to divorce Namneung.

The next day, Kongpope went to Tin's house to get Namneung to come live with him. Namneung said she would if he followed her three requests: One, everyone in the household would treat her as a lady of the house. Two, she has the same rights as him. Three, he cannot touch her in any way whatsoever, or else she'd leave him. Kongpope agreed.

Namneung is using this chance to get Kongpope to divorce her. She'd spend all of his money, buying jewelry, unnecessary things and cars for her mom, and friends. She also went to his business place, 'Harlem Member Club', and took over. Jenny and Praewloung, who too wanted to marry Kongpope, went to tell Kongpope. Kongpope came and took Namneung away. In the car, he got really mad at her because all she talked about was wanting to divorce him, so he forcefully kissed her. Namneung, in tears then left him.

One day, Namneung and Tin went to look for a place at a resort where, she'd take her mom to rest. Kongpope found out and thought that Tin and Namneung were having an affair, so he followed them. He found them in time and misunderstood that Namneung is sleeping with Tin. Kongpope got really mad and took Namneung with him to a little house by the beach. There, out of anger and his love for her, he forced her into bed. The couple stayed at the house for a little while, and became close once again. Kongpope asked Namneung for her forgiveness and she agreed for she still loves him. Both returned home and more misunderstandings occurred. Kongpope's aunt and Pornfah convinced Kongpope that Namneung and her male friend, Tor, were lovers. Kongpope begins to notice that they are too close and got jealous. He confronted Namneung about Tor, but Namneung assured him that they are just friends. He didn't believe her, so he drove out to the Harlem and got drunk. Pornfah followed him and snuck in sleeping pills in his drinks. Then, she drove him to a hotel and made it seemed like they slept together.

The next morning, Pornfah called Namneung and told her to come and get Kongpope. Namneung went to the hotel and found Kongpope sleeping with Pornfah. Crushed once again, she decided to divorce him believing that he doesn't love her. Kongpope came back with no recollection about the event that happened last night. He found a divorce paper signed by Namneung and doesn't understand why she wants to divorce him. He thought for sure that she wants to divorce him for Tor. Namneung found out she's pregnant with Kongpope's baby, but kept it secret. She decided to leave on her own to forget about Kongpope. Kongpope traced down the event that happened, and found out that his aunt with Pornfah were the ones scheming around to keep him and Namneung apart. He goes to find her, but it was too late. She had already left. Namneung's friends and mom found out the whole truth and told Kongpope to find Namneung.

Kongpope went to the hospital where Namneung had stopped. The doctor then told him about Namneung and his baby. Kongpope was shocked to find out that Namneung is pregnant with his child. He had to find her no matter what and make her understand.

Kongpope went to the train station and after a while of looking he found Namneung already on the train. He told her the whole truth, but Namneung refused to listen. Kongpope begged and begged Namneung to come out and that he is sorry for not trusting her. The security guards came and took Kongpope away. At that moment, the train also left the station with Kongpope running after Namneung who is still on the train. Kongpope tripped and fell, and the train had left his sight. Out of despair and lost of hope, Kongpope made his way back. He found Namneung standing on his path and couldn't believe his eyes. Both stared at each other for a bit then Kongpope said he was sorry and that he loves her. He asked for forgiveness again and she forgave him, and they ran into each other's arms. They finally understood each other.

Credits ~ ~ (Thank you May!)

Jesadaporn Pholdee as Kongpope
Aom Piyada Akarasene as Namneung
Chermain Boonyasak as Pornfah
Suvajanee Chaimusik as Praewroung
Irene Srikaew as Jenny

Preview of Lakorn & Karaoke MV by Sirasak ~ Kwa ja roo - กว่าจะรู้

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~ LakornAdmirer / Dara Lakorn
~ JKTDoramaLover
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~ Pooyingteegla

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